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Hi Powerserge! Your username makes me think you're a fan of electric types. :3

We all love Pokemon so no worries, we'll of course all be nice here. xD I'm kind of in agreement about the new Mewtwo form though.. it just didn't click with me. Maybe that'll change down the line but right now I'm just not a fan. The original Mewtwo was pretty cool and I'd have preferred if they left him alone, but I'm in no way someone who's overly attached to the old gens. Just feel like it's too big a change to a Pokemon that was made fifteen years ago, you know?

But maaan, you need to catch up with the anime! There's tons of episodes but it's pretty worth it to watch, especially since you can see how the show has changed over the years. I'm not a fan of how Best Wishes/Black & White made Ash lose a chunk of his knowledge but that's for another thread, probably over at the Pokemon Anime board. That series overall was pretty good and I was so happy when we got to see Cheren and N in the show. n~~n Hope to see you posting around the generation discussions if you're a fan of the games, though! They're all quite active and have some cool regulars who are really interested in the games, like yourself. You'll likely settle in regardless of what you're looking to do here since we're generally friendly and accepting around PokeCommunity. Perhaps we'll see each other around in other places here down the line!

Have a great time on PC! If you need anything, I'll be happy to help!

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