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    I have indeed played SoulSilver. Was happy to have a red Gyarados, but also disappointed with the after E4 options, really.

    This will be my second playthrough of black, actually. I generally try to do three playthroughs so I can get one of each starter for the 'dex. This will actually be the first time I've benched a starter, really. Tepig just didn't do it for me. I have my shiny Mienshao from my first playthrough I'm going to trade over and I'm looking forward to trying out the other pokes. I plan to update the Nuzlocke thread as I play, but I am taking screenshots, so I'm wanting to be able to add my images.

    And yes, I was a Marriland forumer for awhile, but I've hated the new layout since they joined with Curse, not to mention I lost my forum name in the merger. Blah, blah.

    I've actually stopped playing Conquest for now as I'm trying to get through Black and White 2 in order to get myself ready for X/Y, which I am pumped for. And yes, I am quite happy to see that Riolu is an early snag in B2/W2, as I only have the DW Target edition currently, which I'm planning to keep in my box.

    And yes, I am in fact in San Antonio. Small world Thank you both for the warm welcome.
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