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    I actually really liked the 4Kids dub. I see where people are coming from on the editing and Americanizing, but I think they actually did a decent job of it. Some things were less necessary than others, but iirc a lot of stuff had to be altered to even make sense in translation? And with the translation, wow 4Kids were creative! Lots of liberties taken, but it made for an entertaining show that American kids in the early 2000's understood easily. And they had really good actors too wow. <3 From what I've seen of the TPCI dub (most of Unova, not much else), the scripts seem more ~true to the original~ but sacrifice the creativity and flow that I see in 4Kids? And the acting still seems pretty stilted idk.

    Banned eps though I have no idea what you're on about because 4Kids only banned three episodes. Legend of Dratini for guns guns everywhere and Jessie turning up the seduction. Holiday at Aopulco for boobs boobs everywhere, a fair amount of perversion, and suggestiveness. And The Ice Cave for the dumb Jynx controversy. I think they had pretty legit reasons for not showing the first two to kids, even though I would be fine with them having aired. The whole Jynx controversy was dumb and we're well aware, but people were kicking up a fuss so you know. So 4Kids didn't really ban unjustifiably imo.

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