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I've been at work all weekend, which is every weekend. I barely got enough time to read the first post & ALL the posts here. I had time today, though I got caught up with reading four pages here...& playing Fire Emblem Awakening...& listening to Crossing Field over & over again. Now that I'm caught up here, I'm gonna get started with my SU, as I have not even begun the process. Forgive me.

Real Life Name: Denny Anthony Rojas

In-game name: Robin

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Country: United States of America

Status: Beater


Personality: For now, let’s call him Robin. Robin is your typical silent guy. He likes to seclude himself & waste time on his free hobbies. He’s not quick with words, but he has speed in his fists. He’s okay with speaking to someone he knows well, otherwise lacking trust in strangers, specifically women. He gets flustered around any kind of women, friend or foe. When he does reply with words, & this is only when they speak to him, he tries carefully to find the proper words, at the same time stuttering. He dares not speak to a women unless necessary. That aside, he is a gifted swordsman willing to protect others where they cannot. Yes, man & woman. In battle, he puts his fears aside & tries his best to take down his foe, at the same time guarding the victim. He has a path of getting stronger to protect those he loves or not. The reason he doesn’t make contact so freely is that if he loses that person, it would break his heart & he would blame himself.

History: As a child, Denny always fantasized about wielding swords. His father owned a dojo where he taught his students in martial arts. Before Denny took his first classes, he secluded himself in his room usually all day. In his room, he watched shows that included action & adventure. He loved those shows so much, he wanted to be part of the story, his own story. That’s when his parents suggested he take his father’s classes. Denny was reluctant at first, but when his father mentioned what he could do (out of self-defense), sword in hand, nunchaku, Denny considered the idea. Yes, weapons were mentioned. Eventually, he agreed to take the classes, ignoring his shyness, & began his first lessons. He couldn’t start with weapons right away. He first had to learn the basics. He was fine with that.

Years pass, Denny faces reality & understands it more. He learns, from school, that not everyone is nice. There are bullies, beating other students just because. Just because! Denny wasn’t close to those people, but he always intervened. Whenever he did, he was always the one in trouble. He didn’t mind, knowing he was able to protect those that could not themselves. The first few times he was facing suspension, so he tried to save other kids then hide as best as he can. He had few friends, but also had one best friend. However, he was sick one day, but he went to school anyway. Some bullies were up to no good again, harassing a girl for whatever reason. Denny was a bit shocked & blushed a bit to see another girl, any girl, in his time. He put his fear aside however. He & his friend intervened, but since Denny was too sick to help much, he saw his best friend beat up badly. If the teachers hadn’t come sooner, he would’ve ended up in the hospital. He kept telling his friend how sorry he was & he should’ve done more, but his friend kept telling him it was okay. He told Denny it would’ve ended that way anyway even if he didn’t come. It broke Denny’s heart to see his friend like this. The next few days he did his best to avoid anybody or he’d get too close to them, even his friend. His friend did his best to hang out with him, but only a few times did Denny hang out with him, but the times were short. As for the girl, she thanked Denny & the other guy who has yet to be named for their help. Denny did his best to avoid eye contact & say it was no trouble, already attempting to leave. The girl tried to become friends with them. Denny allowed this, to his surprise as well, but made sure contact in any way was minimal.

More years pass. Denny has taken up swords now in his class. In his spare time, he takes practice to further his training in the sword arts. As he was watching TV, he saw some news about a new game coming soon: Sword Art Online. When he saw the name, he figured it was the same as what he was doing. It mentioned it had virtual reality, much to Denny’s expectations. He thought of giving it a try & see how it works. He was chosen as a beta tester & bought the NerveGear. It was breathtaking. Everything looked so real. He looked through everything & was careful in battle. In the game, he made no contact with anyone, as usual, or at least kept it to a minimum. If he wanted to know something, he need but ask. As the release date arrived, Denny was a bit thrilled to try out the game once more. From there, well, you know the rest.

-One-Handed Straight Sword

Sword arts:
-Beautiful Luna: The user takes a back stance while holding the sword diagonally upward, at which point the sword glows vivid white. The user speeds towards the target &, inches apart, slices downward on the target as if shaping the moon. Does moderate damage.

-Sonic Spin: With the sword held tightly, the user stands in a walking position sideways while facing the target, the sword facing downward as it glows a spiky blue. The glow makes it look like the sword has extra sharp points on the sides. When activated, the user jumps high & comes down on the target from up above, spinning vertically forward with the sword in front of the user. The sword makes contact with the target as it slices right through him. Can be dodged if the target times it right.

Level: 9

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