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    i finished :D

    Name: Ezra Ethanael Grey.

    Age: Seventeen.

    Gender: Male.

    Appearance: Ezra is just above average height and topping his lithe body is a head of dark brown waves with copper undertones. His textured waves swoop to the side, giving his hair a very carefree appearance. Under his eyebrows rest a pair of wide, almond-shaped orbs that are often mistaken for being black. In actuality though, his eyes are just dark brown. In the middle of his face lies a small, button nose that compliments his milky white baby face very well.

    Adorning his body with a baby blue button up, a brown leather vest, and dark denim skinny jeans, Ezras clothing is fitted to his body, putting his swimmers build on display for all to admire. When traveling through dangerous fronts, the teen wields a rather large firearm that takes both hands to shoot. When out of combat, the gun is slung across his back, held in place by a holster that’s strapped across his chest. While the teen has no tattoos or controversial piercings, he does have both his lobes pierced with small silver studs that are barely noticeable.

    l'Cie Brand: Horizontal, spread across both his shoulder blades.

    Weapon: Firearm.

    Personality: Ezra is his own best friend. Spending much of his childhood alone, he is most capable of fending for himself. Many of his weekends were spend bickering and bartering with the shopkeepers of Palumpolum, trying to squeeze out the best possible deal. He would often buy apparel and unnecessary trinkets, trying to fill the empty void in his heart. This was done mostly for fun, as he was able to purchase most items at their full price if he wished to do so.

    While his parents were almost never around, they both hold lots of political power, so he walks in a way that is quite regal. He holds his body straight up, looking through passerbys that are unimportant to him. His body language is distant and detached, which can sometimes come off as cold. While many things come easy to him, he takes joy in divulging in certain tasks, such as manipulation and exploration. His lust for the unknown is untamable, only dampened by his cautious personality.

    History: Born in the Seat of the Sanctum, Ezra is very familiar and well versed in the politics of Cocoon and Gran Pulse. Both of his mother and father are politicians and show great enthusiasm for their work. From a young age, Ezra was left alone quite often, leaving only the housemaids and butlers to watch over him while his parents were out on business trips. Growing bored, he learned the workers schedules and began to sneak out of his house regularly, mainly going to visit the street markets of Palumpolum.

    Ezra became fascinated with the city and loved observing the various interactions that occurred between the shopkeepers and the buyers. Sometimes they would haggle, other times they would argue, but each time, Ezra would keep a mental note of the situation and the outcome. Arming himself with a set amount of gil, the brunette snuck out once again and decided it was time to make his first purchase at the market. While he was a bit of a pushover, age hardened his exterior, allowing him to be more stern and manipulative with his words.

    At seventeen, his family decided to take a vacation to Gran Pulse. Wondering off once again, Ezra happened to find an abandoned city that was void of human life. It was there when he was marked as a with the others as a l’Cie.

    Paradigms: Ravager, Saboteur, Medic.

    Eidolon: Hecatoncheir.

    Password: Lr9456
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