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    Lovely project!
    However, I do found one problem which I have no idea how to fix this. o.o
    Sometimes whenever your game crashes too often (I think it happened after 3x crashes in a row), you'll somehow lose your entire save from the server... but the database records are still there :s
    Unless I did something wrong that is...
    I'll be looking forward to the next updates when you have the time for it Markz
    And good luck with your studies though (if you ever have the time reading forum posts <3)

    Originally Posted by Nyndyll
    I can't seem to connect to my server. I constantly get an offline signal
    Easy to fix, try changing the IP in your RMX-OS Server launcher from Localhost( to your Computer's Local IP. (that's actually how I managed to get passed this issue after having loads of problems with the RUBY versions, guess it's something Router related... really have no idea since I barely understand the entire RMX-OS script made by Blizzard)

    Changing RMX-OS Config and Localizing your Local IP (I only know the Windows Vista/7 way since i've never experimented with Windows 8 before + it has been a very long time since i've last used Windows XP)
    Go to Start > Configuration Panel > Network Center. In the middle you see the Category named 'View your active networks'. On the right side, click once on 'Local Area Connection'(blue coloured) and a Window should pop-up. After that click on Details button. Your local IP is listed in the name 'IPv4-address'. As example most uses the IP range "192.168.x.x", but not all router or modem devices uses this IP range but even in a complete different IP range. But isn't really important to know at this point...
    After you've found your IPv4 Address, let's change it as well in your cfg.ini configuration. Change '' in 'HOST' config to your Local IP address and you should be good to go. As example it should look like this: HOST = '192.168.x.x' (don't forget to replace the x letter to your IP Numbers)
    Don't forget changing it in your RPG MAKER XP Script as well!

    Also checking Firewall Settings wouldn't hurt either for both Router and Local/Server Computer <3
    Wouldn't be the first time if a firewall blocks the connection entirely.

    But I assume this issue is already fixed

    (sorry if I broke a rule about reviving forum posts, wasn't my meaning to do so)
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