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You actually don't even need to post in
here before making a club, as this
thread is mainly made for reservations
and approval updates. Upon
submitting a club they'll be moderated
and hidden from view for the members untill they're approved, so
that rather than having to close all the
threads that don't make it (clubs
lacking any content and effort put into
them, duplicates, etc.), cluttering up
the first section with closed threads, the members would get the chance to
add/change what's needed, without
the embarrassment of having their
club closed for everyone to see (thus
why usernames were never revealed
when clubs were revoked and why I eventually decided to not update with
revoked clubs anymore). But yeah, in short. Don't worry about
the club not making the cut the first
time around, as no one else will know,
and I'm here to help you with the club
if you need it Now have fun making that club!
I see. Well, thanks for everything mate! Is it possible to keep the name 'Dragon Masters' reserved since right now I'm having to use my mobile and therefore cannot design it well. Thanks again Olli.