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    Hi all.

    I've been a Pokemon fan since first watching the anime series when it first came out in the I guess since around 1998 when I was a kid.
    I pretty much became obsessed with it back then watching it on TV, buying those Pokemon trading cards, spending hours playing red/blue on gameboy color and spending most all of my pocket money on any Pokemon merchandise that was being sold.
    I'd say I was obsessed with it for a good 5ish years (as were most other kids at school) and kind of grew out of it a bit during my teens.

    Anyway just after Christmas I bought Pokemon Black 2 for DS and haven't really had much chance to play it, until recently as I'm off work with an injury. Safe to say I've been playing the game constantly for the past few days and I guess am feeling quite nostalgic over my Pokemon obsessed days. The game definitely hasn't lost its appeal.
    I stumbled along these forums when I was googling the DS games and am pleasantly surprised so see the Pokemon fandom is still very much active. :D So thought I'd join here seeing as I'm going to be stuck at home bored for a while.

    I'm an anime fan in general, but don't get much time to watch as much as I used to. Death Note, Bleach and Blue Exorcist are three particular favourites.
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