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If anyone says this isn't primarily based off of France/Europe you are crazy. As Shivi did just point out it looks like we have Stonehenge, so we're taking some nods from Great Britain as well. I mean, the scattered mountains around the southern part of the region, plus the snowy area to the northwest just screams France/Europe to me.

As for general opinion of the region, I'm really loving it. The one thing I'm noticing that is different from Unova (and I'm happy about!) is that the region doesn't appear to just be a giant circle of towns around a central area. Yes, we have that big circular thing in the center, but the populated areas look much more varied around the map, and that's a great change. It feels like we'll be able to explore a lot more this time!

I'm really enjoying all the water ways around the region as well. It looks like they are literally everywhere. It'd be awesome to maybe have some sort of ferry system or something for fast travel around everywhere, although it doesn't look like there are ports anywhere on the rivers as well. Who knows, I just like how it looks anyways!
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