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    Hey there! The hack looks quite attractive! It's a great pleasure to see a hack with these type changes, ability changes, move changes, etc.
    A request - why don't you edit splash and make it a nightmare for opponents and take all players by surprise on seeing its power!
    Azurill family, Castform and other single family pokemon, *JOHTO POKEMON* - I advise you to heavily edit them. All those early encounters need power. And Steel and Dark types need more attacks. Maybe make leer useless for them? idk.
    Sorry, but Banette being normal type doesn't sound good, however useful it might be. I only mean cosmetically, so if you change Banette's color...
    Otherwise, I am looking forward to the hack. And a brother and sister making the hack together? Believe me, it will be a huge success.

    PS. I'm telling this without playing it actually. I badly want to try it and post again critically praising the hack.
    And sorry - when I start typing, I go on forever. So sorry...