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Originally Posted by Belldandy View Post
I thought I read that Cloudflare actually helps handle the load better?


Also, "yes" to removing perma-bans, no post-members and inactive >1y members. No point in keeping them around just to clog space! They're like cancer cells -there to hog resources, but not contribute.

As well, maybe put in that thing like Reddit, where if >1,500 users come online, block out guests and force them to register while letting members continue to access the board. It's because of overly-curious non-registered masses that PC suffers downtimes :\
Yeah, I read that too. About Cloudflare helping with some stuff.

I think we should delete members with 0 posts who have been inactive for 1 year or more. There have been many examples of members returning after long absences, but most often less than a year, and usually they had more than 0 posts anyways.

Actually maybe 6 months would be enough, since if they made an account but didn't post, it's not very likely that they intended to come back and stay active at some point, is it? And should they decide to do, they can just make a new account. It's like, if you hog a username without posting, suit yourself :p

Also, I think they already implemented that thing. Seen the adorable Porygon + Joltik page? It doesn't always let me log in though.

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