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    The air in the gym was different than before. This was no longer a match between a flirty punk rock girl and a uninterested kid forced to pursue action by a violent Pichu. At this moment, even Chrome felt it. This was a battle between a prestigious Gym Leader and a aspiring Trainer. It reminded Chrome of the spark that Pichu gave him before they started their journey. He surely wouldn't ease up on the voltage if Chrome lost here, after everything that he did. The air was most certainly different. Singed even. Smoking with the burning desire to win from both sides.

    Lita looked at her pokeball and gave it a solemn kiss.

    LITA: Golem, let's turn it up!

    This was the beginning of the end. Both were heavily invested now. Much different than the start of this match-up.

    LITA: Golem, use Rollout!

    As quick as it exited its pokeball, Golem formed into a ball of his own. Rolling with great acceleration, he made his way towards Snivy.

    CHROME: Dodge it, Snivy!

    As Snivy attempted to dodge the move, her tail was caught under the Golem as he rolled past her. Chrome honestly had no real idea of what he could do. He didn't know nearly enough to mount any offensive strategy with Snivy. At best, all he was to Snivy was a cheerleader. Chrome figured this to be a better time than any to check his Pokedex for some information on Snivy.

    Meanwhile, on the battlefield, Snivy dodged Golem's second Rollout rush towards her. As Golem missed the Rollout, he circled around back to the point the he started and charged at Snivy again, constantly picking up speed and making the attack stronger. Snivy was long fed up with waiting on Chrome to call out a command and prepared to act on her own. However, any wrong move at this point would spell out a loss for her. she knew that all too well. Snivy wasn't a dodgy Pokemon, though. She was "attack first", for the most part. And eventually, she wouldn't be able to dodge.

    CHROME: Snivy, restrain Golem with Vine Whip!

    Chrome's tactic took no more than a few moments to get through to Snivy. Snivy dodged the third Rollout to a tee with it only missing by an inch. Vines popped from the sides of her neck and then attached themselves to a rolling Golem. The friction and force would prove to hurt Snivy a bit, but she held her ground. Standing firm, Snivy jerked her vines back, slowing down Golem's momentum. The struggle Golem put up to keep his speed going began to grind the ground and soon created a huge dust fog.

    Snivy retracted her vines after being unable to see Golem. Chrome was ready to call out the Razor Leaf attack once the dust cleared. Once it settled, Golem was nowhere to be found. He disappeared from the battlefield. Chrome felt his stomach curl as he scanned the area. The last thing he needed was an unexpected Rollout. Suddenly, Chrome noticed a hole in the ground.

    Chrome didn't know much about Pokemon prior to his journey. He often stayed away from Pokemon-related content on both the internet and television. Because of this, he wasn't savvy to most of the moves there were in the world. For his Pokemon, he had the Pokedex tell him what they could do. However, he could never be sure of what to expect from the moves of his opponent. Up until this point, he never needed to pay much attention to the moves his opponents had in store. If nothing else, this match would teach him about strategy and tact.

    LITA: Love how distressed you're looking. When you're rock hard there's only one place you can go.

    Innuendo? Now of all times? Or maybe a hint . . . hidden behind innuendo. It was no doubt that Golem must have dug the hole then.

    Dug the hole . . . Dig. It was such an obvious move. Chrome knew that it meant he'd be popping up to attack soon, so he would have to be razor sharp on his reflexes. When Golem popped up, he and Snivy would react on it quick enough. But if that didn't work . . .

    Suddenly, the ground below Snivy caved in. Instead of popping out, Golem pulled Snivy in.

    LITA: I like to take things to new extremes. [moans] Maybe we should do like our Pokemon and play under the sheets.

    Chrome thought that one was actually pretty elaborate. Sheets of rock and all, she's really good at coming up with these things on the fly.

    Soon, Snivy was tossed out of the hole originally created by Golem. She was bruised and battered. Yet, Snivy was still able to stand.

    Lita licked her lips. This battle was reaching its climax. She didn't decide on whether she wanted to use that line to flirt or not. To be honest, she was more interested in the battle than she let on to be. It wasn't too often that trainers beat her. Most just came in with the hopes that water Pokemon was enough to get through the entire gym. She could tell that they weren't at all connected to their Pokemon, and often, that's why they always lost to her. Some didn't even make it past her second Pokemon.

    So, why is it that this newcomer, this brand new trainer, was putting up such a good fight? He showed up with a freshly caught Azurill, a type-disadvantage Pichu and a Snivy who was prompted to make moves on her own. It was as if he trusted his Pokemon to make their own decisions. Either he was a really smart trainer or a really reckless one. Whichever it was, he was really making this a moment to remember.

    But, it was time for this moment to come to an end.

    LITA: Alright, Golem, transform and Rollout!

    A reference that wasn't entirely made of flirt? Chrome was impressed.

    Again, Golem formed into a ball and picked up speed as he approached Snivy. She tried to dodge the first attack, but she was hit without much resistance. Still able to stand, Snivy waited for Chrome's next command. He knew what he had to say, he just waited until the right time to say it. Hopefully, his trust in Snivy wasn't misplaced.

    Golem rolled around the field, picking up more speed. Again, he charged at Snivy. More velocity, more force.


    Fully invested, Chrome shouted his command from the top of his lungs.

    Lita was confused as to why that move would seem strategically sound to him in this moment.

    Snivy leaped high into the air, constantly rotating her body. As Golem rolled beneath her, Snivy extended her tail and came down with great force on top on Golem. The impact shattered the earth beneath them. Snivy's tail, which was hurt from earlier, now throbbed in pain completely as she fell to the ground. She hadn't fainted, but the pain would prevent her from being able to get up.

    Strangely enough, Golem stopped in that spotted. He didn't move, he didn't continue to spin. He stopped on that very spot from that very move.

    LITA: Golem?

    Golem came out of his ball form and passed out right before Lita's eyes. Lita was verily confused from what happened until she looked at Chrome's Snivy. Snivy rose to her feet with little difficulty.

    Chrome did put his trust into his Pokemon. It was the basis for him using Pound in the first place. Seeing as Snivy knew what would affect her opponent, the Dig that Golem used gave her a perfect opening to use Absorb, being right next to Golem. Because of that, Rollout would become slower in battle later, thus making it weaker. Snivy was able to time and catch the second Rollout because it was noticeably slower than last time. It also made Snivy's pound attack stronger. Both an unsuspecting Lita and Golem had no idea about the Absorb and thus took the move for granted.

    Chrome won.

    LITA: [softly] Congratulations on beating me. [walking towards Chrome] On behalf of the Nova City gym, I present you with the Terra badge.

    Chrome was very proud to receive the badge, but his expression was more towards how soft-spoken this rambunctious Gym Leader became. She would soon confirm.

    LITA: Don't worry, I'm not upset. I'm just worn out. I reached my limit.

    CHROME: [thinking] Don't ask. Just let it slide.

    Chrome then accepted the badge.

    LITA: Chrome, was it?

    CHROME: Uh . . . yeah.

    LITA: You're quite something, y'know? I mean, I've battled hundreds of trainers over the last month alone. Not once have I noticed any trainer putting any part of the battle in their Pokemon's hands. They all just call out attacks and follow their own strategy in hopes that their Pokemon will follow it too. You're different though. You put enough trust in your Snivy that it was able to change the complexion of the battle without me or Golem even noticing. It's like you have a natural gift of connection with Pokemon.

    CHROME: [blushes] Uh, thanks. I just figured Snivy would know better what to do in that situation than I would.

    LITA: Chrome . . .

    CHROME: Yes?

    LITA: . . . I'm turned on by you.

    CHROME: [surprised] What?!?!

    LITA: Everything about you has gotten me bothered. Normally, I flirt with my opponents to disrupt their moves.

    CHROME: [thinking] So that's what it was.

    LITA: But with you, I was only disrupting myself with the flirting. I was so into it that I started to take moves at face value. And when I lost that battle, I felt my body shiver. It was just amazing. I've never felt like that before.

    CHROME: Um . . .

    LITA: I guess what I'm trying to say is, you may be a newcomer, but you lay it down like a pro.

    Chrome couldn't get any more red. Lita laughed, seeing Chrome's flushed expression. After the exchange, Chrome figured it best to get out of there before she forgot about the age of consent.


    He headed back to the Pokemon Center to find Marie there. He showed her the Terra badge.

    MARIE: [delightfully] I'm so happy for you! Was it hard?

    Chrome resisted making a pun along the lines of "Rock hard." Lita rubbed off on him. Even as he thought that, it only came out dirty.

    CHROME: Pretty tough. By the way, were you planning on taking your Shiftry to the Gym?

    MARIE: Who, Shifter? Not really. Should I?

    CHROME: Yes.

    Chrome and Marie talked some more about his experience before Marie would call it a night and head to sleep.

    After Chrome's pokemon were healed, as he took them back, he looked at Snivy's pokeball. It reminded him, Professor Nemo asked him to call back when he beat Lita. Chrome decided that it would be best to call her in the morning after he and his Pokemon had some rest.

    Besides, after winning one badge, it was evident that they had a long journey ahead of them.
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