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    This is unique. That remains a central tenet of this story for me, personally. In my years of reading fanfiction, I've been hard pressed to try and think of a story that's quite like this one.

    First off, is the characters. Their personalities are wonderfully refreshing and very fun to read, especially after a long day. Hazel's development over the last few chapters as well as the introduction of Rikuya as her silent mentor has been incredibly done. I still have my doubts as to how long Rikuya will be able to hold his silence, but seeing him communicate to Hazel and his Pokemon in the mean time is very entertaining to read.

    The plot and backstory revealed so far are intriguing enough to read as they are. Tax fraud, jealous/vengeful Gym Leaders, government agents, talking Ditto drivers, and an expansive history into the legislative workings of the Hoenn government are just some of the few reasons I eagerly await each new chapter.

    Though there were a few grammar errors, they have been caught since I last read this. You're story-telling abilities have already improved since the start of the story.

    All in all, this is, in my humble opinion, worthy to be the plot of an actual remake of the much-beloved third generation.

    Keep up the good work, GKkiller. There's a lot of potential here.

    Knightfall signing off...
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