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Gym Leader Jasmine
White 2

Rusty ♂ lv. 58 @ Leftovers
Sturdy | Quiet
[ Crunch, Earthquake, Stone Edge, Iron Tail ]

Allison ♀ lv. 59 @ Scope Lens
Steadfast | Bashful
[ Shadow Claw, Dragon Pulse, Ice Punch, Force Palm ]

Amphy ♂ lv. 59 @ Amulet Coin
Static | Naughty
[ Thunder Wave, Signal Beam, Fire Punch, Thunderbolt ]

Talihina ♂ lv. 60 @ Charcoal
Hustle | Serious
[ Aura Sphere, Nasty Plot, Air Slash, Flamethrower ]

Aaron ♂ lv. 60 @ Mystic Water
Torrent | Jolly
[ Waterfall, Ice Beam, Shadow Claw, Drill Peck ]

Aerilyn ♀ lv.59 @ Hard Stone
Sand Force | Docile
[ X-Scissor, Earthquake, Rock Slide, Metal Claw ]

We stopped Team Plasma's evil plan and saw a crazy fusion in the process (Black Kyurem would have been better js). After that, we were encouraged to head to Victory Road, and so we did! The road was long and treacherous, but we pulled through and defeated our rival Volkner for the last time. We made some moveset changes and then went on to tackle the E4. Went through with relative ease and even more easily got through the Champion. Seriously guys, third time I've beaten BW2 and I've never lost a Pokemon to Iris. But anyway, that being said...Unova has been conquered by this Johto gym leader. Challenge complete!

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