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Originally Posted by iRyahn View Post
Actually I believe the entire region is based off of France, even the icy mountain at the top right that looks like it should be located in Belgium or Germany when comparing to a real map. (I am certain that icy mountain is based off one of the French Alpes, by the way.)

The place with stones is based off of a commune called 'Carnac' in France. Look it up on google maps, they are placed almost in the exact same spot. Carnac is renowned for it's 'Carnac stones' or rather menhirs (standing stones) surrounding in all sorts of different formations around the area.

As for the few islands to the top left, I believe those are based off the Channel Islands.

Obviously Lumiose City is based off Paris. Not sure about the rest, I have some ideas but they aren't concrete ones.

I guess it doesn't really matter what's based off of what. I just think it's cool to know the back story to it all. Sorry for getting carried away xD
The region is definitely based off of France. However, I think the row of rocks are what looks more like the Carnac Stones. However, the circular formation after that definitely looks like an imitation of Stonehenge.

The size of the region being in question, I think it's a fairly large region. A lot of the towns and cities are very spaced out and scattered around the region which makes it not one linear line like Unova was. So I feel like there's more room to travel here.
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