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Hey all! I just came across some SUPER RARE cards and am thinking about getting them graded (to increase re-sale value) and want to know if they are worth it. Im looking for them to come back 8-10 but im not an expert on card grading, so if I send in a card with a tiny scratch on it can it still get a 10? Or is it down to a 6? The PSA website didnt help a whole lot. Heres what I have, would it help to get some pictures up? I really need your advice as it would be a few hundred dollars to get all these graded.

Neo Revolutions Cards (No first editions)
Shining Noctowl
Shining Mewtwo
Shining Raichu x2
Shining Gyradose
Shining Magikarp
Shining Celebi

Ex Power Keepers
Charizard 100/101
Mew 101/101

Charizard 146/144
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