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    Originally Posted by KingCharizard View Post
    I don't use git hub to much, then again most of my work I don't own the rights to. Your DBroker seems like a over complicated DB set up php file. I don't see the benefit of using it. I just glanced over the code so I could have missed why this could be useful.

    I do plan to work on a few personal projects in the near future that I may post on githib but I dont have any right now.
    Well, simply put, DBroker is a Database abstraction that lets you work with Databases with simple arrays, is persistent, and you can add hooks to site-wide operations to prevent things like SQL injection or add an ACL...

    For example, "DBroker::insert(array("name" => $_POST['username']), "users");" with a hook set up is simpler than generating the SQL and manually scrubbing it.

    Also since everything passed in and returned are arrays, doing things like copies is a simple matter of "DBroker::insert(DBroker::select(/* foo */));"...

    There are many other reasons, but I better not get too far off topic.
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