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Yeah, the forum is being run great. I love the staff and the administration. Definitely a great bunch.

The majority of the signatures on this site are a healthy size... but some really maximize the space alotted (in their own right) and it's just too big


- Sydian's is a good size. Perfect, even.
- AWsquared is just a bit too big because of the two underlying text lines.
- Xulek's is too large.
- Harlequin's is a bit too large. In fact, I can't even see her username / most of her avatar without cropping the signature... It's one or the other.

imo signatures the size of Sydian's (or AWsquared's without the two text lines) are perfect size and definitely allow space for "creativity" and "individuality." They're certainly not small or limiting; the space is well-used and well-designed.


Another example. Livewire's signature v is perfect, too. Not too big, not too small. Creative, classy, well-designed and attractive. Yet, not hogging half my screen.

Not sure how many users have small screens like mine (I used to have a 15" but my ex smashed it... 2,000$ i7 PC T_T), but it's definitely not user-friendly, esp. since I love to see people's creativity in their signatures... but too large is just that: too large.
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