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    Originally Posted by Pinkie-Dawn View Post
    But killing off top predators to extinction at an earlier period of time would prevent new predators, who will take their place, from existing, which means overhunting can mess with the evolution process. We will never get another big cat species that descended from tigers if tigers are wiped out by human activity.

    This is why alien civilization belittle us humans in movies, shows, and books because of our nature for violence despite our good intentions.
    Overhunting, sure, that can be counterproductive, but let's say over-hunting is not prevalent, and a predator is becoming more sparse, a new predator will take its place. Even in the case of poached tigers, they are not the only predator powerful to overcome herbivores, if for whatever reason Tigers were wiped out, another already existing species (perhaps less powerful than the tiger, yet more powerful than herbivores) would have less competition and more availability to the weaker species. I am not advocating pouching at all, simply, if they are to be pouched to extinction, long-term, the ecosystem will quickly adapt at allow other predators to emerge swiftly. Pouching, in this instance, does not serve society, and I would adamantly oppose it on those grounds. So in that regard I agree, just with different reasoning.

    Pouching should only be employed if it best serves society, in this case it does not. Again, regardless if we are talking about protectionist or pouching, human intervention should only occur when it best serves human life. Killing of defenseless animals can actually be beneficial, and should only be done so when beneficial to man. For instance, mosquitoes can carry many diseases. Costs of reducing mosquito species may counteract healthcare cost, and could be a good investment. (Though scientists may want to preserve some lab-testing mosquitoes, etc.). Protection and Killing of animals are both important, we need to understand that either way, its not about animal rights, its about human right to better serve our species; it should never be done arbitrarily out of sentimentality alone.
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