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Originally Posted by Harlequin View Post
Now that you have remembered it once more, you can implement it on signatures like mine and never have to worry about this issue again
Already done

I just think that it's rude to list the names of those who are expressing themselves in the way they want to and using their names as a way to justify your grievances with the signature system.
Again, it could have been anyone. I used many examples so no one would feel "outed" for whatever reason. You need examples for an argument, esp. if you want people to see things how you do it. My screen resolution is 1024x600, so x300 heights kill my screen. Some people can't visualize that, which is why I used examples. It served the purpose of visualizing the issue smaller screens have, felt by a minority of users.

I don't find it rude at all. I can understand if someone personally "outed" someone by creating a whole thread about one person's signature, but given the circumstances and the type of thread this is - and that the topic had already been brought up - the signatures displayed by arbitrary users i.e. yourself were convenient examples to use because they actually appeared in the topic. No searching involved; no imagination; no estimates. Someone with a larger screen could easily compare and understand how X's signature could cover half the screen because the example is in front of their faces.

Using examples is thorough and the foundations of an argument. Many users have taken advantage of the new rules in their own right; you and Xulek just happened to already have a good example of a :too big: signature in the thread; an issue brought up not by me, but by other members. Wouldn't make sense to go searching for a different user's signature if there's already a good example right there in the relevant thread.


The server load thing is way more important than signature size (which is fixed by Adblock (thanks Livewire for reminding me =_=)). I'd definitely want to improve that to prioritize members > guests, because it isn't doing it atm.

However if you guys would like I can put in a check that will automatically "collapse" signatures over a certain size if your screen resolution is under a certain limit.
This would be neat, but in the meantime Adblock works. We can't re-see the signatures afterwards (Adblock is hard to get rid of "bans" lol), but at least they're not hogging the screen.

1024x600 sucks
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