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Tried playing with Sneasel, but for me it wasn't the same, so now I'm giving another Pokemon a chance, so far is working better.

forgot to mention: my Black 2 game

from my last time:
Replaced Sneasel with Mozart (male Leafeon)
Replaced Liepard with Flowers (female Floatzel)

so now I'm training both Leafeon and Floatzel until they at least catch up with the nearest Pokemon - as they were almost 30 levels behind the team, not counting my leader or the leader's back up.

My Current team:
63 - Mienshao - F - nickname: Maria *traded* - item: Amulet Coin
She is my leader in this game - sort of the dominant female
Nature: Adamant
Ability: Regenerator
• Detect
• Reversal
• Drain Punch
• Hi Jump Kick

60 - Watchog - F - nickname: Sophie - item:
She is the back up to the leader
Nature: Bold
Ability: Keen Eye
• Hyper Fang
• Detect
• Crunch
• Ice Punch

53 - Samurott - M - nickname: Zaphod - item: Mystic Water
Nature: Rash
Ability: Torrent
• Surf
• Ice Beam
• Aqua Tail
• Razor Shell

29 - Leafeon - M - nickname: Mozart - item: Soothe Bell
Nature: Relaxed
Ability: Leaf Guard
• Grass Whisle
• Energy Ball
• Giga Drain
• Magical Leaf

56 - Emolga - M - nickname: *traded* - Item:
Nature: Careful
Ability: Static
• Acrobatics
• Discharge
• Shock Wave
• Volt Switch

27 - Floatzel - F - nickname: Flowers - item: Bright Powder
Nature: Serious
Ability: Swift Swim
• Aqua Jet
• Water Gun
• Surf
• Swift

I had to change Watchog's nickname, since I didn't realized I gave her a 'male' nickname, so now I feel embarrassed about it. So now I gave that nickname to Samurott, and she has a more proper nickname for her gender.
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