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Ok so another update. Apologies about the event log, it has half turned into a journal of sorts >.<. On a side note it is nice to hear all the old pokemon r/b music again.

@ Sydian
Congratulations on finishing the challenge!
Cool looking team, Jasmine was the other leader i was considering to play as.
What was the hardest challenge/s or event/s during your white 2 Jasmine run?

Pokemon Blue
»Vermillion City
Lv32 | Nickname
• Leech Life
• Wing Attack
• Bite
• Confuse Ray
Nidorina Lv31 | Nickname
• Tackle
• Growl
• Scratch
• Poison Sting

Event Log
• Ran into that pesky kid Green once again, he challenged me to a battle and lost
• Team Rocket attempted to recruit me as a leader today (xD for those who read the manga i just found this funny)but i turned them down.
• Helped a man named Bill, who in return gave me a ticket to boad the SS.Anne
• After a good nights sleep it was time to challenge the Cerulean Gym, having defeated the apprentices, Misty stept forward to battle!
• It was a battle to remember! Starmies powerful bubblebeam overpowered zubat, Nidorina rose to the challenge darting around the field avoiding water guns to finally close in and land the final blow to Starmie.
• Wth the Cascade badge in hand i decided to board the SS Anne as rumors of their famous apple pies intrigued me!
• Zubat evolved into a Golbat today whilst battling some low level trainers en-route to Vermillion city
• After leaving the cafe Green confronted me again, Golbat made short work of his team. He then told me about the captain being a cut master, indeed a useful move, so i proceeded to the Captains quarters.
• After acquiring cut from the captain headed back to Vermillion City to battle the famous Lt Surge.
• The battle was a quick one but could of easily gone either way. Golbat's confuse ray was too much for Raichu who continued to shoot thunderbolts in the wrong direction, allowing Golbat to land numerous bite attacks, finishing it from a distance with a wing attack.
• Then made my way to a pokecenter to heal my pokemon and decided to stay the night. I will continue my journey in the morning.