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    Originally Posted by gavynray123 View Post
    the corrosion is a 4 year buildup, and the thin parts of the circuit board have probably been eaten through mostly. will that still work? Also, my game rarely works, though it turns on sometimes. is that an affect of the corrosion? If so, follow up question; Will it stop completely if I get the corrosion off correctly? And the last question comes from this: Whenever I hit save, my game says saving, the music still goes in the background, but it never saves, it would literally attempt to save for an eternity. Would this also be fixed if I got it off correctly?
    Sounds like its a goner. You might aswell try to clean it up and hope for the best but it doesn't sound good. Tbh it's probably easier to buy another. If it's eaten through enough of it then it will certainly mes with the game. You'll have to be very carefull when you're cleaning it because it will be very fragile. Good luck and let me know how it goes.