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Welp, I said I might come back with another character, so after a long while here's the SU. I hope everything is okay.


Name: Bruce Gibson

Nickname: None

Age: 14.

Sex: Male

Dorm: Suicune Dorm

With dark brown eyes and long dark green hair that almost reaches his shoulders, Bruce would look like some rock star or street punk if it wasn’t for his clothing. He wears a dark purple turtleneck sweater, with a stylish white F over the heart. This sweater, combined with his grey pinstripe dress pants and his brown oxford shoes give him a high-class look and make him reminiscent of a 1960s mod.
The aforementioned outfit does well at hiding his skinny build, and makes him look somewhat muscular. That is the reason why he always wears his turtleneck sweater. However, in hot days, he puts on a black, long-sleeved cotton shirt that works just as well.

If it weren’t for Fyers’s training, Bruce would be one of those happy-go-lucky, impulsive kids who don’t bother to think things twice. Thanks to his mentor, he is more calm, collected, and well-mannered; however, he retains some of the bad traits previously mentioned and can be very impatient at times.
Another thing of Bruce is that he is not a very sociable person. The only person he spoke to during his upbringing was his mentor, and because of that he is quite shy. He also has a tendency to ‘run away’ from situations that make him uncomfortable, not minding whether he comes off as rude or not.

Some years ago, a vicious storm that took place in the Kanto Sea separated a young boy named Bruce Gibson from his family as they were sailing back to their hometown of Cinnabar Island. The sea, despite being fierce, gently dragged the boy to the beach south of Fuchsia City. When the boy came to, he could only remember his name, and could not recall any events prior to the shipwreck, or how he got to where he woke up.
The man responsible for Bruce’s salvation was an odd man named Fyers, who found the washed-up boy and healed him. After the boy was healthy again, Fyers took him under his wing, and taught him about Pokémon and battles; their types and compatibilities, and some survival skills. However, he was very strict on him, even to the point of using violence to keep the young boy in line. When Bruce reached puberty, he was a well-groomed teenage boy with a lot of knowledge about Pokémon but no Pokémon of his own.
When Fyers thought the time was right, he gave him his first Pokémon, an Abra, and told him that the Pokémon needed to bond with Bruce and trust him in order to evolve. Bruce agreed, elated about having his first Pokémon. However, from the very start he had a whole lot of trouble with training the small Psy Pokémon, which teleported away from him or blinded him with Flash quite often. Seeing this, Fyers enrolled him into the Pokémon Trainer Academy, considering that he needed further, more specialized tutoring and told him that when he returned both master and student would have a match. The boy’s knowledge about Pokémon made him ace the written exams. However, his lack of battling experience made him struggle in the practical ones, but nevertheless his knowledge could get him into the Suicune Dorm.


Species: Abra
Nickname: -
Personality: Not much is known about this Abra, since it’s very quiet most of the time and rarely maskes a sound. He doesn’t seem to be very bonded with his trainer.
Lvl: 10
Moves: Teleport, Flash, Barrier.

Name: Creamer
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