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That's a perfect example of how to incorporate Trainer cards, Necrum. :) I didn't want to clutter the first post too much, so here's the team and trainer/supporters I'll be using:

Bill's Maintenance: Must always switch Pokemon during trainer battles (unless unable)

Potion: Always buy 5 Potions upon arriving to a new town (or buy as many I can if money is low)

Fast Ball: If I run into a Pokemon I want/need to catch, I must throw a Pokeball on the first turn (I wish there were Fast Balls in the game, but eh)

Town Volunteers: Always have at least 5 different Pokemon in party

Fisherman is also in this deck, but I can't think of a way to incorporate it into the challenge, especially since the Fishing Rod is in postgame, but hey, I have plenty to work with already so missing one isn't that bad. Also, I'm trying to finish my Black 2 today or tonight so that I can send over challenge mode for when I restart White 2. Hopefully I can have an update for this challenge some time tomorrow. Also need to get a Teddiursa egg ready to go over to White 2.

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