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    Final Fantasy XIII- Dawn's Reckoning

    Final Fantasy XII Info:

    OOC Thread

    Disclaimer: There are spoilers for the first game.

    This story begins on the day that Fang and Vanille became Ragnarok and saved Cocoon. The surviving citizens have started to rebuild, to make Gran Pulse their new home. Some have even embraced magic and have come to accept those that meet the fate of being made into l'Cie be they Pulse l'Cie or Sanctum l'Cie. Though there are a group of people who have not changed. They still view all l'Cie as evil and want nothing more than to destroy them. This group calling themselves The Shadow have one goal. To force the citizens of Gran Pulse to go back to fearing l'Cie. One day about 20 years after things changed The Shadow developed technology that allowed them to block the suns light. Shrouding the world in darkness they were quick to lay blame of six new l'Cie. In their fear and panic the people were quick to revert to their old ways, a fact that pleased The Shadow to no end. Now it is up to the six new l'Cie to put a stop to what The Shadow has done. To make people see they were wrong yet again. And to bring back the Dawn's Reckoning.

    You are one of the six l'Cie who have been blamed for The Shadow's deeds. Your loved ones might still believe in you but as for everyone else they have reverted back to the way they were before Ragnarok. Your duty is to travel from the ruins of Oerba where you all wake up after receiving you l'Cie mark to New Eden the capitol of Gran Pulse. This will be a long and dangerous journey. Full of Cie'th, wild beasts, hostile civilians, and self discovery and doubt. Each of the six have the same focus. To take down The Shadow and bring forth a new Dawn.

    Important information
    l'Cie each specialize in three paradigms. Paradigms are the classes that your character takes in battle, that define the abilities you use. In the group you must coordinate who will use what paradigm at what time, planning is important because it can make the difference in a victory or a defeat. These roles all have an important part in battle.
    The Commando has enhanced strength and focuses on close attacks being more susceptible to damage.
    The Ravager charges enemy chain gauges with concentrated attacks, focuses on magic based abilities based around the elements.
    The Sentinel Shields allies from Enemy Attacks, focuses on protective barriars to prevent or lessen damage for a short amount of time.
    The Saboteur Boosts allies chances of status afflictions on enemies, uses magic to enhance allies in battle.
    The Synergist Boosts allies stats in battle, uses magic to increase stats like power, speed, etc for a short time in battle.
    The Medic Heals allies, uses magic to restore allies health in and out of battle.

    Each l'Cie as one of the six Eidolon that will reveal itself from within the eidoliths in their l'Cie brand when a l'Cie is in deep despair. You must battle your Eidolon and if you win you gain the power to summon it in battle. When an Eidolon is summoned in battle only the Eidolon and the person who summoned it can battle for the 2 minute timespan. When an Eidolon is summoned the summoner and the summoned are both invincible for those two minutes, during the first minute both fight together, in the second minute the Eidolon transforms into Gestalt mode were they take the form of some sort of vehicle. The Six Eidolon's are Shiva, Odin, Brynhildr, Bahamut, Alexander, and Hecatoncheir

    1. This Rp is rated M for violence.
    2. Romance is okay must be kept at a K level.
    3. we will be in groups the entire RP, most of the time all together, but there will be times we are in groups of two.
    4. Be careful with language, the occassional word is okay, just be respectful of the filter and don't make it every other word.
    5. No using any of the characters from Final Fantasy, that means all the games not just XIII.
    6. For Battles each time I will choose a different Rp member to control the enemies, it is up to the person controling the enemies if an attack hits or misses.
    7. If you wish to gain your Eidolon ask me and I will let you know if it is an appropriate time. My character will be the first to gain theirs so I can show you guys how to proceed with it.
    8. There will be no player character death.
    9. NPC's can be made just ask first.
    10. If you wish to have your characters past be secret that is fine, but you must write out their past and send it to me in a pm for me to approve. Other than my character only one other character may have a hidden past.
    11. To show you've read the rules please enter a six digit combination involving one capitol letter, one lowercase, and four numbers in the password section.

    1. Aurora (~Genevieve~) Eidolon: Odin
    2. Eidolon: Alexander
    3. Daniel Heavens (Khawill) Eidolon: Shiva
    4. Eidolon: Brynhildr
    5. Ezra Ethanael Gray (Quicksand.) Eidolon Hecatoncheir
    6. Jericho Godbane (miltankRancher) Eidolon: Bahamut


    Your goal for the first part of the RP is to get to The Ruins of Oerba. In your first part tell how you get there. Then the l'Cie marking will happen shortly after everyone arrives. To end the Prologue there will be a boss fight. The boss will be announced right before the fight.

    What you can do:
    1. Arrive in The Ruins of Oerba.
    2. Interact with the other characters.
    3. Discover the l'Cie brand after and only after that event happens.
    4. fight in the boss battle.

    What you can not do:
    1. Mention being a l'Cie before the event happens.
    2. Leave The Ruins of Oerba

    The prologue should take between 1 week and 2 weeks. This will be the shortest part of the story.

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