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    Originally Posted by Zorogami View Post
    Hello Daisuke and welcome to PC!
    Don't worry, I'm sure you'll get used to them pretty fast and are going to have a ton of fun!
    No matter what you like about Pokemon and the games, you'll find pretty much everything on here (:
    Since there's so much to see and talk about, make sure to check out every section

    So what more can you tell us about yourself? What do you do in yoiur spare time for exmaple?
    If you ever need anything, just ask away :D
    Hope you'll stick with us for a while, I'll see you around
    Thanks for the warm reception, Zorogami. And, it's a pleasure to meet you! As for anything else I can tell about myself, I thoroughly enjoy playing tennis, and racket- oriented sports in general. I'm a supremely big fan of the 'Tales Of' and 'Fire Emblem' franchise/ series (And of course, 'Pokemon.' Although, it has become quite dormant, but I still watch the anime from time to time.)
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