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Well, I am completely new to this. Although I know how to hack a Pokemon ROM, but I have never scripted in a event. o.o I came to this tutorial hoping to gain knowledge on scripting. Now my questions. All I need is my ROM and XSE right? And after I acquire those two things, will I make a script or base a script on your examples? I am looking for a script to make the national dex available, I have found a few, but am unsure if I should use them..
Here is the one I think I will use:
HTML Code:
#org 0x800000
checkflag 0x10A
if 1 jump 0x800050
special 0x16F
setflag 0x10A
fanfare 0x13E
msgbox 0x800100
callstd 0x6

#org 0x800050
msgbox 0x800070
callstd 0x6

#org 0x800070
= Like your new POKéDEX?

#org 0x800100
= Your POKéDEX was upgraded!
Is it possible to change the text in the script, just the text? Also, do you thin you could add images to your tutorial showing step by step on how to use XSE. Otherwise, til someone reply's, i shall be playing around with this myself. Excellent tutorial. So, I shall return later. :3


I downloaded XSE form this thread, I UNZIPPED it, and when I try to open XSE.exe, it opens then closes suddenly. Then after a few times, I get a ''Runtine Error 9'' from it. .-.

I feel as if this is Java related?

~Just saying!
- It is not a virus.
- I re-unzipped it and tried it again, and it still did not work.
- What is wrong with it?
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