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    Originally Posted by WooliestSteam1 View Post
    Well now that you mention that, yeah my school actually did. The teachers would get angry at everyone sitting inside playing with the cards on a good day so after a while they were banned but I think everyone still brought them anyway but was just a bit more secretive about trading cards. xD

    Yeah I completed the game, it's handy to have a water type for Clay's gym which I didn't. Took me ages to defeat him. :L
    Haha I knew it couldn't be just my school that went through that phase, people used to sneak the cards into my school too but there was always problems with cards getting lost or stolen and fights over holographic cards when people changed their minds after trading with someone. The good old days. =')

    Did it take you long to complete? Ah but at least you got there in the end, I managed to defeat him with my Samurott.

    Originally Posted by Shaturu711 View Post
    First and foremost,welcome to PC! I hope you're fine Fter the injury, injuries are not fun.
    It's glad to hear you've been with Pokemon since the early days,so you might wanna check out the RBY and GSC forums, these talk about the old Pokemon games. Enjoy your ime here!
    Thank you very much for the welcome. I'm recovering slowly thanks but this forum is a good distraction.
    Ahhh yeah, you can't beat the classic Pokemon games so I'll check those areas out. Cheers for the tip, this place is pretty big, could be reading threads all day so it's good to have some guidance on where to go first.
    Love your avatar btw.

    Originally Posted by Hikari10 View Post
    Hello there Sar, and welcome!

    I have to say, nice intro there. Detailed intros get my attention a lot, so great job you did there writing it! You're from the UK? What's it like over there? Is there anything you love about living there? Sorry I'm asking so many questions, I'm trying to get to know the newbies better. Well, I'm Hikari and I'm from down in Australia. No, I don't ride kangaroos to work but it's a really awesome place indeed!

    I started out my Pokemon life just like you did, watching the anime around that time when it first came to Australia. I never got to play a Pokemon game for real until getting Ruby for my 11th birthday, but after playing it, I developed a passion for Pokemon gaming and I went on to play all of the 4th and 5th Generation, but unlike you I never took a hiatus in-between generations. Are you looking forward to Pokemon X & Y by any means? The games look pretty awesome I have to tell. Nice to see you're playing Black 2, I'm playing it as well and I love it! Definitely check out the Fifth Generation Gaming section where you'll find some good B2/W2 topics. We also have General Entertainment for anime-related discussions, so definitely check that out as well.

    Have fun here, and if you ever need a friend I'm always open. Just send me a visitor message and I'll be happy to make you feel welcome! Also, you can contact Cirno (or another moderator) if you ever need help getting around the forums!

    - Hikari10
    Heya, thanks for the welcome.

    Cheers, well I'm glad I'm not boring people with my rambling.
    Yeah I live in England, down south & it's a bit like winter here at the moment but I do quite like the city I'm in because it's right by the sea, its home to quite a large naval base and the historic dockyard has quite a few famous ships so we get a lot of tourists in this area. It creates quite a buzz around the city and its great here during the summer just to walk along the seafront with my dog and eating fish and chips. I'm so typically British. No worries, ask as many questions as you like.
    What part of Australia do you live in? I hope to spend time travelling Australia one day, when I'm able to go as I've always wanted to visit so many places there. I know quite a few people who have been out there and would agree with you that it's awesome.

    That pretty cool how you've been part of the fandom since the beginning and are still very much part of it now. Once you get started on Pokemon gaming you get sucked right into it.
    I'm really looking forward to Pokemon X & Y, I'll definitely be buying when they're released as they do look brilliant from what I've seen.
    Do you still play any of the older generation versions? All this nostalgic talk is making me want to dig them all back out.
    How far are you into Black 2? I can't believe I've had it for months and only just got round to playing it. But its so easy to get into it and spend hours playing, like the other night I thought I'd play for 20 mins before sleeping, then suddenly it was 3am when I finally stopped.
    Cheers for the forum tips, I'll definitely check them out.

    Aww thanks, that's good to know and I sure will. It's cool chatting to Pokemon fans like you so I'm glad I stumbled on these forums.
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