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Name: Haze

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Class: Bard

Personality: Haze is a secretive individual, who collects the stories of others, and recites them for the amusement of others. He seeks out the scandals of great leaders, and reveals them to the masses in song, making him seem to some, a hero. To others he is not as welcome. His tendency to pick at your deepest insecurities makes him most unlikeable when met one on one. But, if there is a hint of corruption you can guarantee he will sniff it out and reveal it.
He travels everywhere with his lute, never removing it from around his body, usually carried on his back. Those who have tried to steal it have not been successful. Most feeling the sting of cold steel as a result. Even if he was against brutes who would try to steal it from him, he would not let go, even to his last breath if need be.
His penance for getting into trouble has led him to cover his face at all times, never revealing his true nature to anyone. No one can say for certain why he does what he does, but ultimately it doesn't matter. Because what he does makes then world better.

History: On occasion, on the right night, you can hear Haze recite the tale of his childhood. How much of it is true is unknown. Sitting around a fire, if you happen to meet him, he will begin to play, a slow, soft tune of great sadness.

"I was born to a family of nomads. We never really had a place to call home. We would just wander from town to town, playing songs for people, to make our food. But as time went by, and my father, the best lute player the land has ever seen, took ill. He couldn't continue to play, and so the people lost interest. I took the lead while my father as ill, but try as I might I could never match him. One day, a great lord came down to our camp, after hearing that we had arrived. My father was his favorite musician. But when my father refused to play, he was outraged. He demanded with all the power his lungs could produce, that my father play. But he simply refused every time he asked. The lord sent a messenger for days, asking if my father would play, and every time, he refused. Eventually, the lord became fed up with my father's constant refusal, and so ordered his guards to come in the night and massacre my family. The blood was everywhere. And my sisters..." Haze would stop playing his lute at this point. He would collapse to the ground with his hands on his face. instead of his normally calm tone he would begin to scream at the top of his lungs! "Dear god my sisters! The things done to them, with my father's body, lifeless on the ground, and my mother cowering in fear in the corner while all I can do... is watch, from within a small chest I could just barely fit into. As the sun began to rise, the guards set fire to my tent, to leave no evidence. I took up my father's lute and ran, ran far away. I eventually returned to the town. Many years later, after I learned." Haze jumps up, and begins to play voraciously on his lute, "I took to the streets of that town! And I revealed what had been done to my father! As the mob incited, I led them to the home of the lord, and we broke down his wall and we took the justice my father deserved!" Haze sits back down, and returns to that same, sad tune he began with. "But it didn't bring any of them back. It didn't help me feel any better. That monster got what he deserved, but I knew there was more out there. And so, here I am. Traveling from place to place, just as my family did, revealing the secrets, and righting the wrongs..."

Bardic lore - 4
Bluff - 5
Diplomacy - 2
Dagger - 4
Stealth - 3
Light Armor - 2
Survival - 2
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