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Hi Espira! What's that in your avatar, out of curiosity? :O

Oh oh, computer science, cool! That's one of my close friends' passions as well and she's also pursuing it in college. I'm personally in Design/Digital Media and hope to graduate soon, being a senior and all. :) But since I changed my major a year in I'll have to take an extra semester to be able to graduate. Daaarn you 120 credit requirements! Hope you enjoy your new program and remember not to get too boggled with all the work... that's always pretty rough. /knows from experience

How long have you been making flash animations? I took a class in that this semester and found it super fun so I'd like to try and start making animations, too. It's kind of tough though.. drawing out every darn layer is just ugh. Maybe you can share some with us in the Art & Design board? :D I'd certainly love to see them and am sure others would as well!

But I'm really glad to hear you've been enjoying yourself here so far. The background on the current default skin's amazing, isn't it? We have lots more themes to choose from so check out the drop down at the bottom left of the page to switch around! You'll love them.

Pleasure meeting you Espira and see you around~!

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