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    Okay. I would like to sign up.

    username: Darkslizer

    Poisonous Partner: Kobraa the Arbok

    Reason for joining: It's simple, really. Poison types are fun. They are versatile, creative, and really easy to train early in most of the games. Plus they're immune to poisoning. That's fun, right?

    I have thought a lot about having a Poison type gym. My main Pokemon would be Arbok, obviously. The gym would be designed like a desert, and my type wouldn't be given away other beginning. All of the gym trainers would be trainers who failed to beat me. They thought they would have the advantage by using ground types. The trainer would see all the ground type trainers and think, "Wow! Ground! I'll use a grass type to breeze through these trainers!" Bam. Sludge bomb. The gym would also look like a desert, promoting my false ground type specialty.

    My tea would be Arbok, Drapion, Muk, Toxicroak, Gengar, and Crobat. Depending on what point in the game the trainer would face me, I might have less evolved forms, except for Arbok.

    I would look like a man in a desert cloak, which would be a deep purple. I would put the hood down, revealing a white version of Falkner's hair. I would be Roxie's brother. I would command my Arbok by using different tunes from an Oboe.

    Yep. Got it all planned out.