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Originally Posted by Brendino View Post
So over the past few weeks and months, Commander Chris Hadfield has started to become a bit of an iconic figure, and arguably the most prolific Canadian astronaut that the country's ever seen- even getting quite the positive review from Buzz Aldrin about making space exciting again. Everything from his daily life videos aboard the International Space Station and a music video (sung by himself, of course), have gained millions of views on YouTube. Despite all this, though, the government will be cutting $25 million in funding to the Canadian Space Agency, and Canada won't sending another astronaut into space again until 2016 at the very earliest.

Just wondering how everyone else feels about this (should we be spending tax dollars on a program primarily run by the U.S./Russia, continue funding it the same way, etc.), and curious about everyone's response to some of the positive light he brought to himself, Canada and the space program as a whole.
2016 is only three years away o.o

CSA hasn't really had a lot to do since our role with the International Space Station largely wrapped up. We do have missions, objects, and projects lined up but they are largely satellite based than manned.

CSA's pretty nifty in that it makes revenue, quite a lot of revenue. Almost $330 million! The $25 million cut in funding brings down the public funding to just under par with what the agency brings in on its own. So, $325 million or so. Adding those together and I don't think they're scrapped for cash.

I'm all for more investment in science, math, research and development, and everything else that stems from that field. But, our role historically (this agency has only been around for as long as I've been alive XD) has been to assist or lead in international missions. They're not really happening right now. NASA's gotten budget cuts, so I don't think a new large program is on the horizon in the near future, so it doesn't make a sense for us to try pick up the slack - we're not really getting somewhere without anyone else. When they need us to make another Canadarm, we'll be there.

I quite like Hadfield. He was a good national spokesperson of sorts