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    Originally Posted by Uzumaki Naruto Jr. View Post
    Well, thanks for your help. My XSE folder unzipped contains no .ini file. So could you help me with that? And I already have Advance Map, I am quite good at using it to be honest. And thanks for the script update, although I did not see any differences. Also after I get XSE to work, if anyone helps me, how do I insert the script, if you care to help. :p
    Download the XSE from the first post and it should have a fixed ini in it. :3 And you're using an old version of XSE try using the latest one.

    Originally Posted by Butterslave View Post
    I'm just now making the transition to XSE. Luckily Pokescript and XSE are pretty similar in terms of language, obviously... Regardless, this tutorial helped me to learn the differences and I definitely agree that XSE will be easier to use for me. I'll probably go check out Diego's tutorial, too, just to get the full gist of it. Still, I appreciate this tutorial.
    Thanks I appreciate that!
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