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I think my favourite flash is still Cascade because I remember just kind of watching it in awe when I got to it. I was used to mainly short little flash animations and I decided to make that my last page before I went to bed while I was reading through. Everything was just so epic and I was entranced the entire time I was watching. A close second is probably Dirk: Synchronize, followed by Dirk: Unite. (I kind of consider them to be two parts of a whole anyway. :P) I really like the music in it and it has the same kind of epic feel for me that Cascade did without really being depressing in any way. n_n

;~; I went to TCAF last weekend but I could only attend the Saturday and they ran out of Andrew Hussie signing tickets before I got there. Baaw. Still picked up the book for Volume 1 for the commentary, though.

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