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- what is animation quality
- dawn's eyes???
- this looks so off???
- is it just me?
- i've been watching in japanese so long that idc what ash's english voice sounds like \o/
- this theme looks really good but i hate the song :|
- planETS???
- fight fight fight
- these two are so sassy
- brock's voice ain't bad when not exaggerated
- this nando dude is cool
- super cool design
- nando's accent though what is that???
- this is not a very beautiful battle
- seeing Budew's buds move is so weird
- nurse joy sounds weird
- sassy ash~
- omg Johanna <3
- registration for things is so inconsistent
- lecture from mama brock!
- how did they set up that inn so fast
- jfc y'all are gullible
- well nevermind
- wow james looked off-model there
- "why are you a twerp" good one jessie
- this is episode 4 wth did they get that many 'mon already??
- oh type advantage training
- why can't he do both tho
- oh jfc the singing forest
- how did you not notice that appalling racket before
- is nando supposed to be mildly irish?
- i spoiled myself on this evolution like half a minute before while finding nando's VA on bulba
- turns out i was right and he's harley
- also he IS doing both. kickass

Well this episode wasn't too brill but it did keep a good pace up. Not much for character devolopment- Ash and Dawn just argued, Brock did exposition, Nando was a bit flat with somewhat unique ideas behind him. But it's early on and it's alright because he comes back. (I would say I spoiled myself on that too but I sorta knew it already). I liked Budew, it was adorable! And Piplup as it is now just doesn't seem like much of a contest 'mon haha.

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