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Originally Posted by TRIFORCE89
CSA's pretty nifty in that it makes revenue, quite a lot of revenue. Almost $330 million! The $25 million cut in funding brings down the public funding to just under par with what the agency brings in on its own. So, $325 million or so. Adding those together and I don't think they're scrapped for cash.

I'm all for more investment in science, math, research and development, and everything else that stems from that field. But, our role historically (this agency has only been around for as long as I've been alive XD) has been to assist or lead in international missions. They're not really happening right now. NASA's gotten budget cuts, so I don't think a new large program is on the horizon in the near future, so it doesn't make a sense for us to try pick up the slack - we're not really getting somewhere without anyone else. When they need us to make another Canadarm, we'll be there.
I would've never guessed that the CSA was making quite that large of a profit, especially with the way some media outlets had been talking about the upcoming budget cuts. And while it would be nice to see Canada take a little bit more of a leading role in something like this, we'll never be able to compete with other countries like the U.S. and Russia financially, so I guess we have no choice but to play the waiting game until NASA decides to move forward with a larger project.

Another interesting story that just showed up in B.C. yesterday were the events of the provincial elections. Heading into the day before voting, the NDP had been polled at having a 7.5% popularity lead over the Liberals, with at one point this month leading by more than 20%. Despite that, the Liberals not only won, but managed to gain a majority in the provincial government. On top of that, though, Premier Christy Clark wasn't even able to win the majority of votes in her own riding, meaning that she's technically the head of the government, without even having her own seat in the legislature for the next few months (this is only time that this has happened in provincial history). I try not to follow politics too much even though I voted yesterday, but every single news story on TV, in the newspapers, and even on different websites I visit all seemed to be covering it.