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    The point of what I brought up wasn't to let them make an executive decision, but rather, first hear what they had to say especially if it affects their section. I know some things have been extended to regular members for our opinion.. but I think it might be healthy to extend the thought to staff first before extending it to the lot of us. I'm not trying to devalue us either but they are also in charge for a reason so it might be valuable for you to hear what they had to say first before a thread may get too cluttered with posts and things get lost. If a thread is too much hassle because of handling those hundreds of posts, make an announcement to them in the staff forums that there was thought for a change maybe.. and then tell them let you guys handle it. If someone has any super blaring concerns about it, then at least they are welcome to PM you about it to at least let you know (and that way you can also give them reassurance without them getting angry at you or anything.)

    I know what you mean, and I don't think mods should feel unappreciated either. But if it's a case that's not too serious where you guys feel it can be opened up to mods even just as a "by the way" thing.. then.. heck why not?

    I can understand though that you might feel it's an unnecessary time-consuming step, since you call all the shots. I just thought it'd be nice to do so I wanted to mention it.
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