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Originally Posted by ZachLMedia View Post
Thoughts on Shh!...

I thought it was a funny episode, considering how Finn and Jake really only spoke with signs. However, for sure this episode revealed BMO's sensitive feelings and gullibility, and I felt really bad for BMO being unaware of Finn and Jake's bet. As for the bikini girls, I didn't think of it as a perverted part o_O Though on second thoughts now, I do. It was funny when Jake finally gave in and said "UNCLE!" repeatedly though at the end of the episode. xD And coincidentally, Card Wars was the repeat episode following Shh!, although it also aired at the 6:00pm ET rerun of AT too, so they played that episode twice within one day. :P
True they've had worse stuff on the show before. I still don't get why is BMO Inviting bikini girls over to party, but I guess that's how this show goes.

Originally Posted by Classic Sonic View Post
Username: Classic Sonic
Favorite Character: BMO/Beemo
What time is it?: Adventure Time!!

Answer a topic? Gladly. Why do you like Adventure Time?
I like it because it's a different show to all the others. It's got an odd mix of genres, and to me, it's always interesting, with twists to the story and new ideas being introduced at every turn.

My favourite character is Beemo because...well, he's a video game console, what's not to like? I also like his curious nature, of how he wants to be a human, kind of like Pinocchio.
Welcome to the club! First person here who's favorite is BMO lol.
Originally Posted by warship View Post
Username: warship
Favorite Character: Finn
What Time Is It?: It's Adventure Time!!!

What's your favorite episode of Adventure Time?

well i couldnt even finish the first season but the one i liked the most so far was "The Enchiridion". that key guy was hilarious XD

Finally you joined. About time Welcome Warship!!

Guys today I went to the library today to pick up the copy of Volume 1 of the Adventure Time comic I requested. :)

This is issues 1-4 of the comic combined into a single graphic novel. Which leads me to a new topic.

Have you ever read the any of the Adventure Time comics?

Obviously I'm reading it right now. It's just as good as the show imo and I absolutely love the art for the alternative covers. Here's some example , it's incredible art:

I want this in poster form. (Alternative art for issue 10.)


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