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Like the masochist I am, I'm back for some more! After the taste of victory, I now aim for Ultimate!

Name: Crescend
Game(s): FireRed (done), HeartGold, Sapphire, Platinum, Black
Ultimate: Yes
District: 11 (bug/fighting)

Optional rules:
1. No trading (except in-game trades)
2. No 1UPs
3. Not catching duplicates in any circumstances.
4. If a pokemon is not my type but evolves into one, I'm not going to use it in battle before it evolves. Until then, it is strictly an EXP-leech. (Starter's the only exception)
5. Not looking up info on wiki to get unfair advantage. I only look up bulbapedia to see my teammates stats.
6. No restarting a game. If I get completely wiped out, I consider my Ultimate streak lost.

Update on Sapphire:
Decided to start with Sapphire to get 3rd Gen games out of the way.

Luckily for me, fire/fighting became a thing from this game forward so I can use Torchic on my team. I name him Imba, and he evolves into Combusken before the rock gym, and swiftly demolishes it. I didn't want to make another rock alliance though, as I already did that in FireRed.

I catch a female Wurmple, and name it Rosalina. Now given my ruleset, I cannot catch another Wurmple so depending on how Wurmple evolves, I can exclusively have either Beautifly or Dustox. Rosalina evolves into the latter. I make a mental note to deathfodder her when the situation arises.

I also find a female Shroomish and name it Bell. She is the main reason I invented rule 4. It's going to take a long time before it evolves into Breloom, and it'd feel just wrong if I used her to destroy rock or water types. For now I'm not going to bother leveling her, until we find stronger enemies who give more EXP.

I also catch Baggu, the Makuhita. Even though I like fighting types, I've never catched one of these before. Somehow I just find it unappealing. Nevertheless, having a pure fighting type can be helpful, and she will have huge HP.

After a quick thrashing of fighting gym and team Aqua, we arrive at the electric gym. This is the guy I want to form an alliance with, as an alternative solution against my team's weakness against flying types. It also helps against all the water types I'm going to be facing against.

I was confident Imba would demolish Wattsons, like everything else before it. Without second thought, I repeatedly tap Double Kick. Then we face a voltorb. Double Kick fails to kill it, leaving 20% health, and it uses Self-Destruct... I refuse to believe my eyes. I was so happy to have a starter on my team, and it was the first teammate to die. Baggu finishes off the last Magneton.

This is where I decided on the rule 6. It hurts to lose such a powerful pokemon so early on, it'd be easy to restart the game to erase this mistake, but at the same time I realised the pain is half the fun of this challenge, and I must soldier on forward without him.

Baggu, lvl 25

Rosalina, lvl 15

Bell, lvl 13

Edit: Day 2
Now that I made an electric alliance, I went on a catching spree around the local areas. The main guy I caught is Flashmane the electrike, who was the best electric type I could catch at the moment. I also caught more deathfodders, namely "Squash" volbeat, "Splatter" Illumise, "Stain" surskit, "Zap" minun and "Spark" Plusle. I also leave Bell into daycare center while I go around the mountains beating team Aqua.

Flannery's gym was easy with Baggu around. Vital Throw killed everything one by one while Baggu's massive health tanked any and all hits. I even gave her rawst berry just in case she got burned but it didn't happen either.

At some point I sacrificed Rosalina the dustox and Squash the volbeat. I can't even remember when those happened.

I went back and got my Bell the shroomish back from daycare. It was almost ready to evolve, with a little bit of grinding it evolved into Breloom. Together we scavenged the desert area, and saved the claw fossil from a sandpit. A quick trip back to Devon HQ, I resurrected it into Anorith, and named her Klacker. I also got an EXP. Share, which was crucial in getting her up to speed.

It was time to face my father. I prepared Breloom to wipe the entire gym. While the gym trainers were foolishly wasting time using battle items on their pokemon, Bell killed them off with mach punch before they could even scratch her. Only Norman remained.

Slaking. They hit hard, but they must rest every other turn to compensate. Unlucky then, that the only guy on my team who had protect was Rosalina, who is now long dead. No cheese tactics this time then. I had an idea though, I leech seeded the slaking and used mega drain to keep Bell at near full health, The first slaking went down without much problems. I try the same tactic against the incoming Vigoroth. Leech seed it again, but this time vigoroth hits with facade and gets poisoned by Bell's effect spore. This is BAD. Facade gets doubled in power from status ailments, and Bell cannot heal fast enough to compensate for that. I switch to Baggu, who is barely able to finish Vigoroth off but is also left below 20% health.

The last enemy is another Slaking. With both of my fighter types damaged, I don't want to send either of them in as they might get killed. Instead I send in Flashmane the manectric, and use thunder wave. I see the slaking preparing a Focus Punch. Oh Shi- *paralyzed* oh thank god. I proceed to spam spark to prevent the slaking from using focus punch again. Just below 50% health however, slaking uses Facade. Flashmane goes down in one fell swoop. Baggu switches in, knowing she can safely finish this off while slaking takes a turn loafing around. Victory, but my main electric guy is now dead.

Lucky for me though, I get HM Surf right afterwards, which lets me access the old generator area where I catch "GLaDOS" the magnemite, so that works out quite nicely for me. I do a bit of backtracking and surf the entire length of the southwestern routes while training GLaDOS, and it evolves into magneton.

Alot of exploration later, I come to Wynona's flying gym. GLaDOS is more than happy to tear the place apart. Didn't even stand a chance. So much for the weakness of my team.

Then I make a bad mistake. I face a castform in rain, and it turns into water type. So I switch to Breloom, getting ready for a water attack. But it uses sunny day instead. Not wanting to make any more predictions, I thought I'd just finish it off with headbutt. But it doesn't die, and it hits with 100 base power weather ball, which is fire type, gets STAB boost, AND boosted by the sun... Breloom dies in a blaze of scorching flames. I'm dumbstruck for a good minute. There goes another powerful pokemon from my team.

On top of Mt. Pyre, after kicking team Aqua about for a bit I find a new teammate; "Zen" the meditite. It's a bit weak for now, but that's nothing my EXP. Share can't fix. Klacker also evolves into Armaldo. She's super powerful, all it needs now is more powerful moves. steel claw, dig, rock tomb and ancient power are all base 60 power or below.

Zen, lvl 30

Baggu, lvl 37

GLaDOS, lvl 39

Klacker, lvl 40

Heha I feel like I should cut my stories to atleast half shorter than this in the future...
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