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Pshaw, I doubt we'll make you mad. This community is overall really nice so you shouldn't have to worry. :3 Welcome to PC!

But hey, it's amazing that you're choosing to finally post around more now! Making an intro is a good first step. It took me a few years to come back and start being active here myself, so I understand how that is. Now that I've started exploring and making posts, though, I've become really addicted, hehe. Here's hoping you'll be in the same boat! :) <3 If you're ever looking for a friend to help you along and someone to chat with, I'm always here, as are our other amazing members. It's great that you've been utilizing the Questions & Feedback board already too.. I know some members are too scared to post there, but you're doing an awesome job at getting yourself heard and out there! Keep it up yeah!

So you're into the older Pokemon anime episodes then? Why not stop by the Pokemon Anime board and make some posts on them? Can tell us what you think about the episodes in the Episode Discussion subforum. I like the anime but I mostly watch the Japanese version nowadays since I just can't get used to Ash's newer voice. Buut you can also make some posts in the Pokemon gaming boards of course, even if you're not very knowledgeable about the games. We do have a fair amount of people who are newer to the franchise anyway, actually. That and you instantly have something in common with a lot of our members since Charizard is just hugely popular and a pretty iconic Pokemon for the series.

Anyways, I just hope you have a blast here! Wherever you post is up to you. We're always here to give suggestions so feel free to ask anytime, too. Bottom line is not to be shy!

Have a wonderful stay on PokeCommunity and great meeting you! :D

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