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    Sorry about taking so long to post...

    Sideshow showcase should definitely be available for gameplay. Heck, here on PC it's definitely arguable that Sideshows like Yet Another Fire Red Hack or Touhoumon Emerald 1.82 are far and above what you'd get out of your normal Hack Showcase offering in actual gameplay. HOWEVER, if ballots aren't secret along with this things can turn out rather bad. Graphics should not have Sideshow included as for the most part they either are using graphics from other sources or barely even change them at all. Scripts however, may be interesting as many still do quite a bit of work "under the hood" so to speak.

    I would also like to propose a limit for hacks based on how long it's been since they have been worked on. This clears out the people who are going to automatically vote for something annually without even doing so much as looking at the other offerings, while giving newer hacks people don't necessarily try because they're not as popular a chance. About a year old or so only should suffice. I hear the argument about the fact that there aren't enough to facilitate this, but I believe we have plenty to work with.

    Veterans only sounds silly for such a large event, you'd get rage spilling over everywhere.