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Originally Posted by Sydian View Post
Audy, I just want to point out that it's not that mods want to take over the discussions and such for major changes. It's just that it would be nice if we could know when a decision is made instead of signing on to something totally unexpected. At least with letting us know, we have time to adjust and think, "okay, things are going to be different soon" and prepare for it. It'd be nice if members could know too. Just a little announcement in Community Announcements or the forums that will be affected. That'd be nice. That's all we want, really.
I know, Syd. Really. My problem is that your only valid reason is "it would be nice." There's no practical reason and it's adding a whole other step into a process that already usually takes weeks from start of discussion to implementation as it is.

I don't at all think anybody needs to "prepare" to having a forum listed in a different category. You're either going to sign on and be surprised by reading a thread saying it'll happen or you'll sign on and be surprised by seeing it done. What... is the difference to you? While for us (hstaff), again, it's adding another useless step into a bigger process that already has a thousand other steps. I hate the bureaucracy that already plagues making decisions in HQ so forgive me if I loathe the idea of things taking even longer.

Big things, like deleting tabletop games? Yes. Of course. No brainer, it needs to be announced. Moving forums from one category to another? No valid reason beyond your own curiosity.

I know it seems like a big mountain/molehill issue at this point and I don't expect you to fully understand because you've never had to experience the tooth-pulling it takes to get stuff done in HQ. The thread we were discussing these category changes in was started two weeks ago. It took two separate "bump" posts from two different people in order to get enough votes to get it done. It's already complicated enough. I don't want to add more time, even 24 hours.
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