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I know, Syd. Really. My problem is that your only valid reason is "it would be nice." There's no practical reason and it's adding a whole other step into a process that already usually takes weeks from start of discussion to implementation as it is.
I don't see what takes away the validity of "it would be nice." Because it really would. How would you feel if your work place randomly changed policies or uniforms one day without telling you beforehand? You walk in and bam, things are changed. It just seems like a courteous thing to do to inform people of any changes that are going to be made.

It's really not a hard thing to say "hey guys, things are going to be this way from now on." It just really isn't, which is why I'm having understanding why this apparently can't be done.

I don't at all think anybody needs to "prepare" to having a forum listed in a different category. You're either going to sign on and be surprised by reading a thread saying it'll happen or you'll sign on and be surprised by seeing it done. What... is the difference to you? While for us (hstaff), again, it's adding another useless step into a bigger process that already has a thousand other steps. I hate the bureaucracy that already plagues making decisions in HQ so forgive me if I loathe the idea of things taking even longer.
Moderators of the affected forums need to be prepared. As I've stated before, it was a slap in the face to sign on and see I didn't mod my own full category anymore and that there was this new forum in GPGD without anyone telling me. If we're not going to tell the forum as a whole when forums are merged and such, that's fine. I'm done trying to get that change made. That's clearly not going to happen. But at least telling the mods would be a step up. I don't know if you informed them or not, nor does it matter any more, but it would be very reassuring to know that you did. And if you didn't, could that at least be an effort to make in the future? Just PM the moderator and say "Hstaff has come to a decision that x is going to happen to your forum soon."

I'm not mad about this or anything. I mean, I was mad when it was my forums, but I wasn't mad per se about the merge the other night. But still. It just, for lack of a better phrase, would be nice.

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