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Originally Posted by Antemortem View Post
I personally don't see a major issue with this other than 'that member could return.' Let's be frank - how many six-seven year old members that haven't logged on for, well, six or seven years have returned to full activity, and I mean full, in the past two or three years? One, maybe two? In any case, it's not all that many, and if it means old accounts could be purged to clear up space (if that even helps, that's something I'm not sure of) in the database, as well as free up some a good chunk of usernames, then what's another valid reason for not doing it?
Well, if you didn't even make a post in the first place, I don't see how it could be considered "returning"…

And yeah, some people use their accounts just to download attachments in the Emulation section once or twice (I know I signed up this account to do so), so if we get those people out it shouldn't affect them any. Besides. They could just make another one when they want to post.

Originally Posted by Sydian View Post
Moderators of the affected forums need to be prepared. As I've stated before, it was a slap in the face to sign on and see I didn't mod my own full category anymore and that there was this new forum in GPGD without anyone telling me. If we're not going to tell the forum as a whole when forums are merged and such, that's fine. I'm done trying to get that change made. That's clearly not going to happen. But at least telling the mods would be a step up. I don't know if you informed them or not, nor does it matter any more, but it would be very reassuring to know that you did. And if you didn't, could that at least be an effort to make in the future? Just PM the moderator and say "Hstaff has come to a decision that x is going to happen to your forum soon."

I'm not mad about this or anything. I mean, I was mad when it was my forums, but I wasn't mad per se about the merge the other night. But still. It just, for lack of a better phrase, would be nice.
Don't you guys have like separate mods and hstaff discussion forums or something? So yeah, either you guys should snoop in on the conversation, or they can post one little thing saying "okay pay attention guys this is what's going down", and you wouldn't have to PM anyone, and it would mostly be a copy+paste job…and if you have a discussion forum for changes with all staff included but only hstaff could make the final decision, you guys have a bigger sample size, and with surveys, that's usually a good thing.

and concerning the bureaucauiewfiawhi the long process that it takes to decide something, you should implement a Phoenix Wright type of system, where within x time if you don't come up with a "solution" the Top 3 or something (oldest? most posts? idk you guys figure it out) will automatically decide for everyone if to go on (ie it's alllmost there, it just needs some more ironing out), or to just skip xyz (you guys are in gridlock over a detail or the whole idea). And I say the top three or w/e can override because (1) this is pretty much their forum at this point, and (2) I can trust that they can make the right decision if they haven't been kicked out of their positions…

Or if it's getting the votes, have all the staff be required to vote within x time (preferably 2/3 days, since that accounts for "required activity" and time zones) so that you don't have to "bump the thread with the votes" and everything.

And if it's because it's slow to get the staff to discuss, just require them to get on and try to contribute (I say try because I know there's some issues where I couldn't care less), because it's their job and minor details like that.

Suggestions, guys. Don't get offended.
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