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Atticus Forsberg, Frederick Salusbury, Imogen Green and Misha Vedernikov - Atlantean Unification Project Headquarters, Toulouse, France

1st November, 2012
Their trips were hardly eventful, perhaps a little scary. Especially with Misha, who loved to "show off" to Delta by pretending several times the helicopter had malfunctioned and they were spiralling to their doom. Imogen, Atticus and Frederick, however, were very polite to their guests and talked the small talk again, trying to keep the silence away. It was very hypnotic, the repetitive 'fwip, fwip, fwip" of the helicopter or the hum of the plane. So much so that with Atticus at the wheel, Frederick fell asleep for a bit and left the other two to awkwardly step through a conversation about Sweden (despite how much Atticus despised it).

They all arrived around the same time, early (like 3am early) on the 1st of November in the airport of the AUP HQ.

"Sorry boys," Imogen giggled when she told them the time and date. "You missed out on Halloween."

They all kind of met up together in the hanger, the official AUP members greeting eachother like old friends while the unofficial ones kind of stared at their feet and took in their surroundings. Their moment together was interrupted by a scattering feet of a nervous man in a lab coat approaching them, looking straight at Imogen.

"Ah!" she said, waving at the man. The other three ignored him. "Right, Brad? Remember how I said I could find a place with you within the AUP? Well, you'll be with this guy here. His name is Brendan, and because you're not Atlantean, there's just a few procedures he'll run you through. Don't worry," Imogen winked at Will when he looked like he was going to say something negative, "you'll see him at breakfast in the morning!"

With a nod, 'Brendan' led Brad away with a gentle smile on his face and a caring hand on his back, leading the way. When the two had disappeared behind a door, another one opened soon after, this time a man, probably in his thirties, an older man, probably in his late fifties, and a boy, probably about fifteen or sixteen, came towards the new arrivals. The thirty year old man especially had the biggest smile on his face, like he had just been handed the keys to a chocolate factory.

"Welcome, my friends!" he clapped his hands together and tilted his head, his smile still beaming. His accent was French, or French and English thrown together in a healthy dialect that wasn't difficult to understand. He was wearing a nicely fitted suit and his hair and facial hair (a goatee) was neatly groomed, like any business-suit-wearing man should. He had a slim but round face, with small blue eyes and brown-ish hair. He was shorter than the older man and standing on par with the teenager. By the way he introduced himself, he seemed like he was in charge. And he was. "I apologise about the lateness of our meeting but I thought that I may meet you first before you made yourselves at home here.

"I am Emilio Bernot, leader of the Atlantean Unification Project. You may call me Emilio or Emil if you like. This is my son, Devon," he gestured to the sulky looking teenager, with his hands in his jeans pockets, his hoody zipped all the way to the top and his mess of curly, dark hair. The boy had a small amoutd of facial hair, the kind that a sixteen year old has when he's been taught how to shave once and didn't really want to do it again. Devon obviously looked like he didn't want to be there at all, "and this is my advisor and second-in-command, John Cooper!" Cooper looked tired, but wiser than his years. He nodded politely, his hands stiff by his nicely pressed suit. He had a kind looking face, like someone else's grandfather, was bald and had white stubble visible, like he was close to needing to shave again. Cooper handed a walking stick to Frederick, who accepted it graciously.

"It's Evo," Devon mumbled under his breath, but was ignored by his father. His accent was far less French than his father's.

"You may call me Cooper," the older man said tiredly, his accent also British.

"I welcome you all to the AUP and I hope that we can all help eachother to reach our own goals. Like the others may have mentioned, our goal is to unify Atlanteans as a race, to erase any suffering done to our people and to avoid and counter any wars that may be in our future. Now, did you have a safe flight?"

"Yeah, it went pretty well," Atticus nodded, Freddie nodding double time at his side. "We had a little spat with the Royal Family but other than that, we got out ok. This is Agnes, by the way."

"Ve flew beautiful!" Misha boomed loudly, too loud for three in the morning. "Ve had good lunch and safe flight, da? Alzo, sis iz Delta."

"The plane was excellent. Our winged friend here is William," Imogen winked at Will.

"You got a plane?" Atticus frowned. "Why didn't we get a plane?"

"Do you know how to fly a plane?"

"... No."

"Then shut up, please."

"Stupid bit--"

"Now, now," Emilio interjected, his face frowning with disapproval. "Please get along. Now," he continued, occasionally shooting looks at Imogen and Atticus, "I would like to give you the grand tour of the facility, but I suppose you are all tired. In any case, I will let you know that while you are staying with us, you will have access to the majority of our facilities and we will assign you another AUP member to help and train you. But for tonight, one of these fine gentlemen of lady will escort you to your dorms, and I'll personally brief you and answer any of your questions tomorrow."

"Is Annie awake?" Atticus interrupted.

"Of course," Cooper sighed. "She's where she always is."

"Well, I'm sorry we had such a brief first encounter but I promise to make it up over breakfast. Have a good night," he said with a smile and took his cue to leave. "Come on, Devon."

"It's Evo," the boy repeated.

"Yes, yes."

The three made their way back to the door they came out of, leaving Imogen, Misha, Atticus and Freddie and the new recruits to talk amongst themselves.

"Well, shot not!" Imogen said with a cocky smile, striding over to the door Brendan the 'Scientist' had came from before. "Have a good night, William. I'll see you tomorrow!"

"Ugh, I hate her," Atticus muttered under his breath, though it was loud enough for everyone to hear.

"I think everybody does," Freddie pulled himself out of Atticus' grip and leant on the walking stick for support. Misha laughed.

"She is not very kind lady, but she is still lady. We should respect her," Misha boomed, his loud voice still echoing around the hanger. Thank god he had stayed quiet while Emilio was here.

"Yeah, no," Atticus made a face and turned to the new recruits. "Alright, let's go, kiddies."
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