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    Originally Posted by Manipulation View Post
    I've decided that I need to repay the fans of Pokémon Sienna for sticking by me (and the hack) over the past 30+ months. I've decided that I'll be releasing Beta 4 in the coming days. I would, however, like you guys to take into consideration that Beta 4 is only a rework of Beta 3 and only has a minor extension from Beta 3. I'm extremely sorry about that but I've decided that I really want to give you guys something to play despite it being so little. However, what you can look forward to is tonnes more fakemon, better maps and a more rounded (and slightly different) game from Beta 3. Thanks guys! (It's also completely untested so I'm expecting A LOT of bug reports ).
    Thanks so much!
    By the way, do you think that Pokémon Sienna will ever be completed?