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"There Are Worse Things I Could Do..."
CONNECTIONS: Parker J. Espinoza
Name: Parker Joseph Espinoza
Nickname: Park or J.
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Theme Song: There Are Worse Things I Could Do [Grease] - Glee Cast Version

Appearance: Okay then. Here it goes. Let's begin with his face. Blond hair, that heads upwards until it can't go further in a fashionable and wide spiky... sorta thing. Dude has eyes of a clear blue, some facial hair here and then, and overall decent traits that lead girl to consider him as handsome. Eyes are at an adequate distance, not to close, not to far. Ears are not to big, and his nose is of a relatively small size. He stands at 6ft and weights a little bit more than 170 lbs.

His body is well built due to his rather obsessive workouts. His arms and legs are not to be missed, either. Bulky, muscly guy... His muscles are so big, they will eventually acquire enough mass to have objects orbiting them.

He likes to do all sorts of ridiculous macho poses to impress others with his palpitating muscles. This comes as disgusting for others.

Both the jeans and shirt he's wearing are tight enough to strangle him. Wonder why he hasn't suffocated yet? His shirt is plain white, nothing impressive. Jeans are no biggie, either, simple, skin-tight jeans. Now, accessories! That's a whole different story!

Dude wears so many accessories it's actually ridiculous... even for a metrosexual. Ear expansion? Yes. Glittery belts? Oh, yes. Rings and wristbands? Oh hell yes (I may also add they're all very colorful). Weird red shoes with some rollerblades of weird sorts under them? Oh hell freaking yes!

What else? Hmm... Oh yes, that annoying black leather jacket he wears a la grease. God, do I hate that thing. He just goes all "I got chills, they multiplying, and I'm looooooosing contro-ol" whenever he's wearing it... which is... all the god darn time. I'm sure you're gonna hate that jacket too... I would hate it. In fact, I already said I do.

"Even though the neighborhood thinks I'm trashy
And no good
I suppose it could be true..."

Personality: Parker comes as unpredictable at times to his odd nature and behavior. I suppose you can atribute that to his multiple personality disorder, OCD, bipolarity or whatver else people will call it.

At times he's absurdly joyful. Like the sort of person that will dance around singing along to Viva La Vida, Diamonds or pretty much every kind of song. I may as well add he's a very good dancer, although he's more of a modern dancern, dubstep and crap. That won't mean he won't listen to a piece or two from the Swan Lake! In fact, he enjoys classical music, but let's not drift, okay? This joyful mass of muscle also enjoys to make people laugh, and has an enourmous sense of humor, he will literally laugh at anything, even himself!

Then we have him when he's mad. A mass of cruelty to no end. Dude is sarcastic to no end when pissed off, add this to his excessive honesty, and you'll be yelled cruelty in its prime form. You wouldn't be the first person he's made cry, y'know? You would probably want to stay away from him when he's like that. If you know what's good for you, that is..

Then comes Lovey Dovey Parker. A hopelessly romantic guy that could surprise you with tons of poems in less than five minutes. He will always try to impress whoever catches his eye while in this state. Always tryig to make that person laugh and to be noticed by him... Yes, I said him. Dude is not precisely straight... if at all.

Finally, we have Shy Parker. This one is always afraid of what others might think about him. Unsure of his body and his personality. Unsure of how to act. Unsure of what to say and, pretty much unsure of everything.

There will be times in which two or more iterations of Parker's personalities will be present; but in spite of this, there will be certain attributes that are shared by all of his personalities. They are as follow:

Wherever he realizes it or not, he's very smart, and overall Academically Talented. Although he'd rather prefer not to show you how smart he can be out of fear of sounding too snarky while doing so. He is a very good listener and won't critisize nor reveal a secret should you ever decide to lend him one. He is a big fan of Indie Music and some Rap Songs. Don't be surprised I he wants the deL slim Shady to stand up...

An animal lover who also has a heart softer than a plushy bear. He won't tolerate animal cruelty Nd is in fact a rather sensitive guy. He may never show it, but he gets with with ease by what others say, especially if they yell at him. He hates to be yelled at, because it makes him feel like he's not good at anything and also makes him think he's worthless.

He possesses a great memory but unfortunately is not very good describing things, even though his vocabulary is a hit fluid if he does say so himself. He also sucks at analogies. And hates literature, for that matter. Not that he likes his other classes a lot, either. He just hates every single class even when he's good at all of them.

Although this really doesn't apply with a specific club: The Debating Club. The guy loves to talk, be it about himself, or any topic in general. He also happens to live correcting people. Can you believe you an actually do that and noone actually cares?

And finally, his family... Let's save that up for his history, shall we?

"I don't steal and I don't lie
But I can feel and I can cry"

History: Once upon a time, there was a little kid named Parker. His life was nice and simple, one could definitely tell happiness wouldn't ever abandon his life! ... ... That is, until his castle of glass eventually shattered.

Because, as it turns out, their life was nothing close to being nice. His father cheated on his mother, saying he "no longer wanted to live the same ol' crap". And as one might have guessed it, a divorce followed. His mother got custody over him. A nice woman who you could tell would raise Parker with love and care.

But then she started drinking. First a small glass of wine. Then a whole bottle of tequila. It seemed as if it quelled her sadness for a bit. But it also raised her anger as high as clouds are. And, unfortunately, she needed to focus that anger on the nearest thing she could find... Her son.

Bruises, scars, you name them. He's probably hiding them under some part of his clothing. Going out? Not allowed to unless he's going to school. Buying stuff? Only if he's buying some alcohol for her mother. Decorating his room? Not unless he's willing to be spanked by her belt. Money? Why the hell would she give him money? He's been nothing but a pain in the ass for her ever since his father decided to cheat on her! Why can't he stop being selfish and think of his mother for ONCE?!

Parker has been hurt a lot across his life. So much, in fact, that he does seem to be worried like hell as to what others could think of him.

But in a selfish world, only the selfish succeeds. He can't show himself as a weakling to others... He already does so with his mother, because he knows he can't hate her. But other people could make fun of it. He simply cannot allow this.

The moment he decided to not be that weak guy was the moment he decided to be that guy that everyone hates because he hurts them, both physically and emotionally, not because he enjoys it, but because he most make sure they don't hurt him. The guy that beats people over their lunch money because he has no way of earning his own, and requires it for the dose of booze his mother always asks for.

People have come to hate him. You probably would if you were to know him. He's a bully, after all. Bullies ARE to be hated...


Other: Puppies! Dude melts at the sight of baby dogs! :3 Struggles at making friends; might actually scare them as of his first impression. Is very fluid in both Spanish and English and might combine them in his sentences when using sarcasm. De nada, suckers.

RP Sample: "Mom?" An innocent voice inquired. Parker was looking for his mother before leaving for school. If she wasn't watching So You Think You Can Dance? on the living room, then she was getting drunk like there wasn't a tomorrow in their kitchen.

Or both, as he soon discovered her drunken mother carefully eyeing the swift moves of those perfectly-synched dancers. She was probably cursing them so moving so rapidly while wearing things.

"What?" Her eyes changed direction as they examined a blurred image of Parker. Her grumpy tone quickly erasing her son's smile; she was probably going to get angry at him for no reason...

"I'm gonna go to school now." He snapped out of his trance as soon as possible, he knows his mother doesn't like to wait when the level of alcohol in her blood exceeds his height.

"Do I look like I care?" And there it is. The insult of the day, everybody! Her constantly i creasing grumpiness against her blurry son was now more obvious, "Just make sure to bring me my bottle of whisky when you come back..."

"Actually..." Her mother's sight focused on him again, this time with more anger. Couldn't his son just get the hell out already? She has people to yell at the TV, for god's sake! "There this program..." His son eventually proceeded, "Wings or something..."

"Will they teach you how to fly?" She laughed. This conversation wasn't really picking her interest.

"Well, no, but--"

"Then get the hell out of my house!" She grabbed her bottle of liquor with more forced as she quickly stood up. Parker knew that he had to get out if he didn't want to be knocked unconscious by yet another bottle of Heineken.

The door of their apartment was quickly opened by him, and then closed afterwards. The sound of a bottle crushing against a wall could be heard from inside. A tear ran down Parker's face as he laid his back at a nearby wall.

"Happy birthday, mom," was everything he could say before leaving, "I love you..."

"But to cry in front of you...
That's the worst thing I could do."

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