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    Alright, I'll be going over the SUs and deciding on several factors. Details, interesting back stories or personalities, etc. will be major factors to this. Once I have figured out who the spots go to, if there are any left over, then SUs can still be completed, this time it'll be who is done with theirs first. So if one spot is leftover then whoever finishes the next SU will be allowed in, of course if your SU doesn't hold up then it may be rejected. Let the grading begin!

    So... I have made my decisions. I have read over each and every SU and thus I have chosen the four individuals I believe have the best qualities in their SUs.


    Slot 1

    Belongs to Supervegeta. Not only was his SU very well detailed, but also had a twist on the concept of a monk. It is intriguing to see a monk that could have such a childish personality and view of the world. Unlike most monks who are wish beyond their years and seek to lean all that they can about balance and such. The back story is also supporting a good goal, to find this place spoken about in a book and giving a well supported reason for his character to travel around.

    Therefore Narr Effeld, the Musus monk is accepted!

    Slot 2

    Belongs to Xilfer123. His character looks like a standard mage, but it's the back story that really hit me hard. A Umbran found by those who could not understand his physiology and ended up looking like a freak because of it. His need to seek out his roots and to find those who did care for him. Realistically he cares for others, but also looks to become more powerful, to show others what he is capable of doing.

    Due to the realistic nature of the portrayal Abraham "Abe" Soule, the Umbran mage is accepted!

    Slot 3

    Belongs to Ray Maverick. The premise of his story is different from the other SUs. The topping is that he is also a human, and pretty rare around the rest of Pragul. Not only was he taught how to honor Delinus, but also was given a more... gentle push into Adlania society. Unlike many humans who have to work to understand Adlanians and their gods and such he's already in the loop. Like Xilfer's and Supervegeta's his SU was brimming with details.

    Therefore "Vesper" ... if that is his real name, the Human rogue is accepted!

    Slot 4

    Now for this last spot it was a close tie. Both Lacoste's and NecrumWarrior's SUs were about the same size so I decided to read both SUs and compare the material in them. Truth of the matter is... that I liked Lacoste's SU just a bit more. While NecrumWarrior's SU is unique in that he is a traveling human bard who's family was killed while he was young... it just felt too cliche to me. Nothing against you Necrum, but when I read Lacoste's SU and compared it to everyone else's, it seemed to embrace an unique idea. I find it fascinating to have a avian who has felt betrayed by his own people and has had a good chunk of his life spent being forced to serve as a slave to be more compelling.

    Therefore Jasper Finch, the Avian rogue is accepted!

    To those not accepted, do not be discouraged. Try again next time and take this lesson to heart.

    Now, for those accepted, I will be writing up the IC post. Everything you will need to know about the city such as the name, location, and such will be in that post. In the meantime, think about how to introduce your character. Think about the appearance they will have, etc. If you need help with deciding clothing or armor or such then feel free to PM me. If you want to, you guys can even discuss via PM with each other whether your characters would have already met while in the town. I will give this much to help you along, the town is desperate for help, so desperate that if any of you have been staying there you have been getting free room and board at the inn which is only one story tall and really isn't the best looking inn around. There is a pub there as well where the meeting will be taking place. Apart from that there are only a few houses scattered about and a general store that sells s**ty items, but for cheap prices.

    Decide for yourselves in your opening post how you arrive there, how you found out about the job, etc.
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