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    Originally Posted by AnonygooseD View Post
    I would like to ask questions about the "Get Together":
    -1. What happens during the GT?/What should I do in the time of GT?
    The Get-Together is a forum-wide event. There are various activities that take place on and off PC for the length of a weekend. Some of these events are specific to sections on PC (like writing challenges, Pokemon trivia challenges, art challenges) while others are for people to enjoy in general (movie watch-alongs, collective Skype calls). It's just a giant event that takes place every once in a while to bring the "community" of PokeCommunity together.

    A lot of events take place on PC itself, so nobody really has to go to another site to enjoy the Get-Together, if that's a worry.

    All you do, if you like to participate, is read the thread for the event (as the Get-Together has its own section on the forum while it takes place, and each event has its own thread) and participate in the event as it's described. Like for the trivia contest, you just answer the questions. For movie watch-alongs, you go to the website provided and just join other members. It's easier to see once the Get-Together is begun, as each event is different.

    -2. Am I invited?
    Anyone who is a member of PC can join in any activity that takes place during the Get-Together. New members, old members, staff, supporters... The Get-Together is for everyone to enjoy.

    Also another question:
    I found an Easter Egg, what should I do now?
    Those are from older events that passed a while ago. I'd say just ignore them, since there's nothing going on with them, and no one has edited them out of the posts.

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